WELCOME ABOARD THE BLACK PEARL. This webring was created on August 9, 2003 to unite the fans of the sexy pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean. Last updated on March 4, 2006. MEET THE CREW >> 25 Pirates!! Arrrgh!


PIRATE'S CODE. It's easy and simple to join. You must have a website - a personal, blog, or a PotC related site. (How can you join a WEBring if you don't have a WEBsite?) You must post the ring code & fill out the form completely. Finally, you must be a die-hard fan of sexy pirates. ;D

KEEP TO THE CODE.  Be sure to replace both ***SITE IDs*** with your site ID number. Choose one:

<<Pirates are SEXY!!# >>

<<?Will Turner is SEXY!!# >>

<<?Jack Sparrow is SEXY!!# >>

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DISCLAIMER. I am not affiliated with Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, or any of the actors/actresses. Pirates of the Caribbean Disney.